Action: Urge Your Elected Officials To Reauthorize The JJDPA
Description: Call your Senators and Representatives and urge them to support re-authorization of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA) -sample script included.  JJDPA will help prevent youth from entering the juvenile justice system; strengthen the Act’s core protections for youth in contact with the system—including keeping them in community-based programs and out of detention centers and adult jails; support youth in their transition home to their communities; and promote state progress in reducing racial and ethnic disparities in the system. 

Action: Prevent Child Abuse
Description: Sign First, click here to find the contact information for your U.S. Senators and Representative, as well as your local legislators.  Call as many of them as you can to discuss child abuse across the United States.  Click here for a list of helpful talking points to bring up during your discussions!

Action: Become An Anti-Bullying Advocate
Description: Contact your state senator or assemblyman and tell them why certain Bills, policies or systems at your school (or your family member's school) are not working and how this harming the educational environment in your community.

Action: Empower Survivors Of Child Abuse
Description: Have a story about how overcoming child abuse has affected your family or someone else you know? Sharing your story can help others realize that they are not alone, and can help give hope to abused or neglected children. 



Action: Inspire Others To Get Involved
Description: What drives your passion for improving the quality of life for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) with Best Buddies? Tell the Best Buddies Organization how your involvement in the disability rights movement has impacted your life so that they can share your story and inspire others to get involved.  Remember- the more personal and powerful it is, the more likely you are to create change!

Action: Help People With Print Disabilities Read
Description: Bookshare is the world’s largest accessible online library for people with print disabilities. More than 425,000 people in 70 countries have access to Bookshare's collection of over 460,000 titles.  Contribute your skills and passions to help people with print disabilities read. There are several different ways you can help in less than 15 minutes: describe images, scan documents, proofread! 

Action: Enhance Your Ability To Understand Persons With Disabilities
Description: SignProject Implicit is a non-profit organization focusing on people's thoughts and feelings that are outside of their conscious and/or control.  The organization's mission is to educate the public about hidden bias.  Take their 10 minute "Disability IAT" test (which only requires you to sort pictures and words into groups) to enhance your level of understanding towards persons with disabilities.  

Action: Allow Scientists To Use Your Unused Computer Power
Description: Help Stanford University scientists studying Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson's, and many cancers by simply running a piece of software on your computer.  The problems they are trying to solve require so many calculations, and so they are asking people to donate their unused computer power to crunch some of the numbers.



Action: Become A Pen-Pal With An Individual In Immigration Detention
Description: Immigration detention is a lonely experience. A kind word in the form of a letter can make a huge difference. Writing letters is an easy and meaningful way to be a compassionate presence to those in immigration detention – to remind them that they are not alone or forgotten.  Sign up to become pen-pals with an individual currently isolated in an immigration detention facility. 

Action: Share Stories From The Inside
Description: The voices of those who have been detained in an immigration detention facility have the power to change hearts and minds.  If you, or someone you know, has been detained in an immigration detention facility, share their story.  By uploading written accounts, audio recordings, and/or videos, these stories will help us get to a common ground based solely on humanity.  

Action: Know Better, To Do Better
Description: There are many misconceptions regarding the U.S. immigration system.  For instance, many Americans wonder all immigrants don't just come to the United States legally, or simply “get in line” if they are unauthorized. These suggestions miss the point: There is no line available for unauthorized immigrants and the “regular channels” do not include them.  Take 10 minutes to further educate yourself on the U.S. Immigration process.  Educating yourself is one of the most important actions because, "when you know better, you do better."

Action: Be A Source Of Hope To Detainees
Description: The current U.S. immigration detention system is designed to isolate us from one another in an effort to keep the system a secret from the American public and prevent widespread organizing against it.  Hundreds of the immigration detention facilities do not even have a visitation program, subjecting the detainees to increased isolation, oppression, and loneliness.  Become a pen-pal with people immigration detention who do not have, or aren't allowed to have, visitors.  Not only will this brighten their spirits, but it will remind them that they are worthy.



Action: Provide Emotional Support
Description: The Prisoner Correspondence Project is a solidarity project for gay, lesbian, transsexual, transgender, gendervariant, two-spirit, intersex, bisexual and queer prisoners in Canada and the United States, linking them with people a part of these same communities outside of prison.  Writing a letter provides more than emotional support. It indicates to the guards and other prisoners that someone outside is paying attention and that whatever happens will be noticed. It has a tangible impact on reducing violence and administrative harassment. In developing a correspondence, you are able to help connect a prisoner with the worlds outside and help link them to resources, education, and community support not reachable in prison

Action: Report A Form That Doesn't Include All Families
Description: Forms are often a challenge for children with parents who are LGBTQ. They often make members of LGBTQ families feel invalid.  "Snap It & Send It” is unique nationwide call to action to bring attention to thousands of forms that fail to recognize the diversity of LGBTQ families.

Action: Become Aware Of Implicit Preferences Agaisnt The LGBTQ Community
Description: Project Implicit is a non-profit organization focusing on people's thoughts and feelings that are outside of their conscious and/or control.  The organization's mission is to educate the public about hidden bias.  Take their 10 minute "Sexuality IAT" test (which only requires you to sort pictures and words into groups) to expose yourself to hidden preferences for persons not in the LGBTQ community. 

Action: Promote Tolerance And Acceptance Among Young People
Description: Are you an educator or youth worker? Learn how to become an LGBTQ ally in our youth spaces through support, advocacy, and inclusivity.  Download GLSEN’s “Safe Space Kit,” a great first step towards tolerance and acceptance among our young people.


Action: Stop The Frisk
Description: LatinoJustice and other national and local organizations are combating NYPD's practice of racial profiling. In 2011, the NYCLU reported that 685,724 New Yorkers were stopped. Out of those stopped, young Black and Latino men were the target of a hugely disproportionate number of stops.  Share your experience with Stop & Frisk by submitting your story via photos, video or text

Action: Uncover Your Racial Biases
Description: SignProject Implicit is a non-profit organization focusing on people's thoughts and feelings that are outside of their conscious and/or control.  The organization's mission is to educate the public about hidden bias.  Take their 10 minute "Race IAT" test (which only requires you to sort pictures and words into groups) to discover some hidden biases or automatic racial preferences of which you may not even be aware.  

Action: Re-Write The Conversation On Race
Description: The prevailing story of race in America is incomplete and characterized by misleading, inaccurate, frequently contradictory beliefs that result in continued separation and dysfunction. For instance, a common misconception appearing in racial discourse is that race is no longer a big motivation for discrimination.  The Race Story Rewrite Project is challenging these beliefs about race by sharing personal stories that present an alternative message.  Upload a story of yours that challenges one of these prevailing ideas about race.

Action: Send A Message That Racism Is Unacceptable
Description: Join the United Nations' "More Than Meets The Eye" campaign which spreads the message that racism is unacceptable.  Download their postcards and send them to your friends to let them know that you are taking a stand against racism!


Action: Report A Rights Violation
Description: If you think a law, policy, or practice violates your or someone else’s reproductive rights, fill in a quick form letting the Center for Reproductive Rights know. You'll be helping the Center identify legal trends, develop litigation and fact-finding missions, pursue legislative and policy reforms, and report abuses to regional and UN human rights bodies.

Action: Share Your Story About Healthcare
Description: You have the power to stop politicians from restricting access to your healthcare. We need every politician to know just how important Planned Parenthood is to the people we serve. Share your story and tell Planned Parenthood what they mean to you. 

Action: Be A Source Of Encouragement
Description: PenPalsInside works in collaboration with correctional facilities to encourage pen pal relationships with incarcerated individuals. The women featured on their website are reaching out for the encouragement and moral support they will need in order to prepare themselves to re-enter society. Others are simply looking for companionship to pass the long and lonely hours, or simply to find a new friend. Your simple gift of just a few words can sometimes make all the difference in the world to them!

Action: #StandWithWomen
Description: Organizing For Action (OFA) stands with women by fighting for economic security, protecting access to health care, and supporting women's leadership.  Join OFA's efforts by sharing your story as to how you #StandWithWomen.