Shed some weight and put them to good use. Here are ways you can make a difference in a fellow American's life by de-cluttering yours:



Household item donations

Item(s): Old Cell Phone & Batteries
Cause: HopeLine (run by Verizon) helps support victims and survivors of domestic violence while ensuring that phones are reused in an environmentally responsible way. Anyone can donate no-longer-used phones (from any provider), batteries and accessories to HopeLine; Verizon then uses the proceeds from these donations to provide cash grants to domestic violence organizations across the United States.

Item(s): Clothing & Most Household Items
Cause: Goodwill meet the needs of all job seekers, including programs for youth, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities, criminal backgrounds and other specialized needs. Last year, Goodwill helped more than 312,000 people train for careers in industries such as banking, technology and health care — and get the supporting services they needed to be successful — such as English language training, additional education, or access to transportation and child care.

Item(s): DVDs
Cause: Movies are the first thing kids ask for when they are in the hospital.  KidFlicks donates movie libraries of 100 assorted DVDs to Children’s Hospitals and Pediatric Departments throughout the country.  By sending the organization your used DVDs you will help make difficult hospital stays easier for young patients and their families.

Item(s): Exercise Equipment
Cause: Fitness4Charity seeks to empower lives through physical wellness.  The organization wants every child to know how to take care of his/her body by the time they leave High School.  By providing schools and economically disadvantaged individuals with donated health and exercise equipment, the organization hopes that today's health problems caused by a lack of knowledge and physical activity become a distant memory.

Item(s): Clothing, Shoes, Bags & Accessories
Cause: DonateStuff.com believes that no matter how much changes in the world, one thing remains true: people want to help others.  They are committed to making the connection between people with usable items they don't need and charities that can benefit from them.  Through its many different partners, DonateStuff.com is dedicated to assisting fellow Americans in need.