march 14, 2017

ATGWC guest writers


All The Good We Can (ATGWC) is a movement raising awareness as to how you can help better the lives of those who need us to keep fighting for them. (More about ATGWC- including links- below).  We are seeking an intern to design our social media and marketing graphics/materials.  

We are in the growth phase, and are having some good traction.  We are Facebook verified, and have about 4,500 Facebook followers.  Each month our Facebook page reaches about 100,000 people, with some posts being shared as many as 2,800 times and reaching an audience of 160,000.  We've been tweeted about by "celebrities" and are in process of launching a nationwide video campaign.   Of course, your name would be featured on the piece (unless you don’t want it to be), and I would happily put a link to your blog/Instagram/Twitter/etc.  The intern will have a huge impact in helping us spread our message that WE ALL have the power to make change!

APPLICATION: To apply, please send us an email telling us why you are interested.  Applications will only be reviewed if you attach a few relevant examples of past work (i.e., photos/graphics/digital work) you created!

Days/Times: No set schedule, no required amount of hours.  Super flexible.  All work is done from the comfort of your home!  On average, the commitment is likely to be 3-5 hours per week.


  • Assist in content development for our digital platforms and communications, including web, blog and social media.
  • Have full creative control over the creation/editing of photos/videos/marketing materials for our social channels.
  • Collaborate with founder on creative direction, including some marketing campaign ideas.


  • Graphic Design skills.  Currently, I (the founder & president of ATGWC) create all the images using Canva and PicMokey.  You would have access to those, or if you are more comfortable with Photoshop / InDesign / Illustrator then you may certainly use those.
  • Experience and high competency with social media applications and platforms.
  • Detail-oriented and responsible.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Experience with SEO including basic understanding of Google Analytics/graphic design skills and/or experience with web development or content management systems (SquareSpace) a plus.
  • Social activism and community organization experience preferred, but a passion for helping others is a must


Our website offers quick and easy ways to help any of the following six causes: Women's Rights, Immigration & Refugees, the LGBTQ Community, Disability Rights, Racial & Cultural Equality, and Children.

The website categorizes "actions" into time-frames. For instance, the website currently lists 72 different ways you can do good in less than 5 minutes, from the comfort of your own home, and with no monetary contribution. In total, we have over 200 actions and none of them cost money. That is because we believe that to change laws you must first change hearts, and to change hearts, you must engage.

Our website: https://www.allthegoodwecan.com/
Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/allthegoodwecan/



If you are interested please send us an email at contact@allthegoodwecan.com or fill out the form below.  Be sure to include a few relevant examples of past work (i.e., photos/graphics/digital work) you created!

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